Flood-Water Damage-Cleanup and Repair

Flood and water damage in Naples FL

FCR offers Flood-Water Damage-Cleanup and Repair in Florida. FCR concentrates on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas flooded or damaged by water.

We use the latest technology and equipment in water extraction and restoration. Using proven science to identify the extent of the water damage and to verify drying results, we can further ensure that all materials are completely dry before we leave your home. Whether it is a leak or a major flood, our trained certified technicians are able to respond quickly and efficiently. Whether the damage is caused by a leaking washing machine or a natural flooding incident we are equipped to restore your property to its pre-loss condition.

FCR uses the latest state of the art technology to minimize the amount of inconvenience in your life.

Water damage can be a major disaster that faces home owners and small or large business alike. Water damage can be caused by such events as a broken pipe, floods, HVAC leaks or roof leaks. Water Damaged building materials affected by humidity, moisture and flooding can compromise the structural integrity of your business or home.

First Call Restoration is equipped to detect hidden water damage.

Detecting hidden water damage in Naples FLYou want your home back to the condition it was prior to the water damage. At First Call Restoration, we are experts at that.

Did you know that water damage can occur without your knowledge? The photo to the left shows water damaged building material utilizing Thermal Imaging Fusion Equipment. This water damage would not other wise be visible without this specialty equipment. The following are some of the tools utilized by FCR to detect and resolve hidden damage like this.

  • De-humidification and moisture control
  • Specialty drying equipment for any loss
  • Thermal hygrometers and protimeters

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