Residential and Commercial Mold Removal and Remediation Services

FCR offers residential and commercial mold removal and remediation services in Florida. Mold Damaged building materials take a special set of skills to safely remove.

In this situation, a small water leak inside the wall created a concern for indoor air quality. FCR was called when a musty odor was noticed by the homeowners. Upon inspection with specialty equipment, water damaged building materials were found. Proper procedures such as containment, placement of required negative air pressure and careful removal was implemented.

Undetected, hidden mold damage has been proven to be potentially dangerous if left unmediated.

The picture below shows what was found within the water damaged area. The hidden mold growth shown as black discoloration on the building materials created the MVOC musty smell. MVOC is a Microbial Volatile Organic Compound. When mold is growing due to water intrusion or elevated indoor humidity levels, the organism feeds thru the release of enzymes that facilitate the breakdown of organic materials (think Sheetrock for example). This process produces the MVOC odor that most perceive as “musty”. Generally when a musty odor is present, recent or on going fungal (mold) growth can be expected. If there is a musty smell within your home or office, FCR should be contacted immediately to facilitate the solution.

Mold Contamination Removal and Cleanup

As Florida State Licensed Mold Remediation Specialists, First Call Restoration is equipped to handle the most simple, or most complicated of mold issues. FCR Utilizes long standing trustworthy and reputable third party firms for indoor air quality assessments and testing. We then take the findings and recommendations of these firms and prepare a proposal for the remediation and necessary steps to be taken. This system helps insure a happy client.

Do You Need Mold Remediation?

Indoor mold growth is unsanitary, undesirable, and can lead to health problems. If you can see or smell mold inside your home, you likely have a mold issue and should call FCR immediately. Our professional staff will guide you through the necessary process.

Mold Damage Questions?

Call an FCR expert now to answer all of your mold damage questions. Prevent further damage to your home by having First Call Restoration assess the mold damage situation. Call today! 877.999.FCR1(3271)

Florida State Mold Remediator Licence MRSR2091

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